What The App?

You’re a manager or designer and want to understand what those developers actually do in their day. Or you want to know about the world your children navigate through with ease. You’re curious how things work — you think it can’t be that complicated can it?

The answers is it’s simple. We attempt to explain technology’s key concepts and moving pieces. Understand new concepts in familiar terms. Lingo is deconstructed quicker than the food at a hipster cafe.

Like law, relationships, and stand-up comedy, getting it to work is challenging. But the concepts themselves are easily understood. Get your understanding here. And please share, as it’s all free.

Patrick Smith

Written by Patrick Smith who lives and works in Melbourne.
He posts about development & design on Twitter

What the app is an interface?

30 January, 2018

Communication is vital to the moving pieces of the digital world. And between the communicators are interfaces. Between a user and a device…

What the app is a database?

30 January, 2018

If you think of any sort of application or online service, you are interacting with information. You might be responding to information…